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Mad Mulligans

Who Are The Mad Mulligans

Traditional Punk/Oi! from veterans of the NYC punk and hardcore scene...In the vain of Sham 69, the Business, Cockney Rejects, et thug hardcore


Johnny Kray

Albee Damned

Wynn Skism

Rich Obrien

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Spike Polite and Sewage


Iconic New York City punks Spike Polite & Sewage have been on one hell of a journey. This ranges from throwing bottles at the police and having gigs cancelled for people shooting guns in the air to performing alongside Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious B.I.G., and Cypress Hill and opening up an infamous concert on the night that GG Allin died of a drug overdose.

The band has existed in some form since the early 1990s, including appearing in a Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame documentary, appearing in a skit on the David Letterman Show and a Spike Lee TV advert, and befriending Dee Dee Ramone. In fact, the flyer of the aforementioned GG Allin concert was emblazoned on t-shirts that were sold worldwide, which saw the band’s name spread around the globe.

Frontman Spike Polite alone has his fair share of wild tales, including being involved in the 1991 Mayday Riot in Tompkins Square Park. A SAG-AFTRA actor, Spike has appeared in movies alongside Jennifer Lopez and appeared in two seasons of the hit FOX show Gotham.

But after many years of change, Spike Polite & Sewage’s current lineup , Ant Romano (drums) and Michelle Shocked  (bass), Spike (guitar & vocals) has put together a band that epitomises the classic punk spirit with a refreshed, driving, fast sound filled with New York City attitude.




Aggressive Punk, pushing out some driving music with screaming vocals, fast guitars and pounding drums, with old school punk, hardcore and oi influences,

Featuring players from The Krays, American Eagle, WRENCH and Mad Mulligans.

Also Available on all Streaming Platforms.



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