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Rotten Bastard Records welcomes a new member to the family...

Spike Polite & Sewage

6 track CD Pandemonium

to be released through

Rotten Bastard Records!

Coming Soon!



Rotten Bastard Records
Bands make print in Costa Rica

Punk Rock Mag - Sports some great Reviews of

Mad Mulligans and Skism

in their second print issue.


Show them a little

support at:



Punk Rock Magazine loves the Mad Mulligans

"The album is full of great oi chorus, classical guitars riffs and that english and american sounds together"


Thanx to Punk Rock Magazine (Costa Rica) for the great review!

Check it out at:



American Oi! gives the Mad Mulligans a Review

"I can tell you that the CD definitely grew on me."


Thanx to American Oi! for the Kind Words..

Check it out at:



Skrutt Magazine from Sweden Interview with the

Mad Mulligans

Grab yourself a beer or a bowl and settle in...

It's a bit of a read, but it's definitely worth it to see what goes on in these four knuckle heads minds. 


Thanx to SKRUTT for the interview.

Now check it out HERE!



Thoughts Words Action gives the SKISM a Fantastic Review

"This material will be such a treat for those who’re looking out for Oi! music decorated with generous servings of feral hardcore punk sound."


Big Thanx to Thoughts Words Action for the Great Review!

Check it out at:



Mad Mulligans hit it out of the park with this Thrash N' Bang Review

"They made one of the best releases I’ve heard this year.

And though I don’t know them, I can readily tell you what they do.

They play Oi music and get it right.

Damn right."


Thanx to Thrash N' Bang for the Awesome Review!

Check it out at:



In Effect Hardcore gives the SKISM a Review

"Skism stand out as one of the more authentic sounding bands with their genuine love for what they play"


Thanx to In Effect HC for checking them out!

Check it out at:



Punk Rock Magazine's Review of SKISM

"When you listen to their music, you only think of smelly underground New York places full of good punk music and beer!!"


Big Thanx to Punk Rock Magazine down in Costa Rica for the Review!

Check it out at:



MAD Mulligans


Exciting News for

Rotten Bastard Records


Mad  Mulligans


We've sold out of the

"Who are the MAD MULLIGANS?"



Sorry peeps, but we're all out of inventory when it comes to the Mulligans.





Out of Step Magazine gives the Mad Mulligans a Review

"Check it out, give the album a few spins and the more you listen, the more you get into it.."


Thanx to Out of Step for the Kind Words..

Check it out at:



Albee of Mad Mulligans get interviewed by Suburban Rebels Zine

"The band's influences are early 80s punk and oi...Theres nothing like those old bands from the first generation of Oi that were inspiring to us..the Business, Blitz, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, etc...."


Thanx to Suburban Rebels Zine for the interview and helping to spread the word.



Mad Mulligans get a mention in DOWN FOR LIFE Magazine

Thanx to Chris from IN EFFECT for the mention and helping to spread the word.

You can get DOWN FOR LIFE Magazine at:



Skism Gets a Great Review in

"Got a CD in the post box the other day. It’s been on deck in the CD player for a week or so now. "


Thanx to UPSTARTER.COM and Jerry Actually for listening and taking the time to give a great write up of Skism

Upstarter Review 20210416.JPG


Mad Mulligans awesome review at Thoughts Words Action...thanx Djordje...we think he really liked it

"it’s a brand new Oi! group based in NYC. Their debut album carries seven classic streetpunk tunes that will be right up your alley if you’re into old-school streetpunk/Oi! sound.."

Thanx to Thoughts Words Action for listening and reviewing the Mad Mulligans...



Skism Gets a Great Article in Punktuation Magazine

"Welcome to the rebirth of hardcore and Oi! Finding New York punk rockers Skism is like finding a long-lost compilation of recordings from your favourite ’80s UK Oi punk bands and ’80’s hardcore U.S. Punk. You know, the ones that changed your music taste for life. "


Thanx to Punktuation Magazine and Tracy Moyle for the fantastic write up of Skism



Skism Review From Faceplant Media

"you have a great blend of old school punk genres blended between songs without things feeling stale,"


Thanx to Faceplant Media and Matt Hughes for listening and reviewing Skism's "2021" CD...



Mad Mulligans Review From The Punk Site . com

"proper 'gut feeling over thought' made by mates , with their mates, for their mates.."


Thanx to thepunksite.,com for listening and reviewing the Mad Mulligans...



Mad Mulligans Review From Sounds of the Street

"what I like most is how the band mix things up with all the band members sharing lead vocal duties and also stylistically"


Thanx to for listening and reviewing the Mad Mulligans...

...and check out in Sounds of the Street for all you your Punk. Oi!. and Hardcore info.



Mad Mulligans Review From

In Effect HC Webzine

"Featuring original members of NYC punk icons The Krays; Mad Mulligans stylistically take us back a few decades with an old school punk approach that if you told me was in fact some obscure band from 1983 I would probably would buy in on that fact 100%"


Thanx to Chris at In Effect HC Webzine for listening and reviewing the Mad Mulligans...couldn't have asked for a better review of the EP...if you haven't listened yet, give it a shot...and check out in effect hc webzine for all you your hardcore info

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