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Toxic Flyer Fanzine mentions Mad Mulligans and Skism!

Toxic Flyer Fanzine gives Mad Mulligans and Skism a mention!

MAD MULLIGANS “ACTION MAN” CD Punk rock out of NYC with that catchy street punx feel of fasts and pist punk with that drunken singalong feel. With members from THE KRAYS this band will give you some fast and loud rule punk rock like THE KRAYS, REAGAN YOUTH. (EX) PUNK ROTTEN BASTARD RECORDS.COM (BW)

SKISM “CAPITOL LIES” CD Street punk out of NYC with a mixer of hardcore and punk, OI! That have a hard hitting as well as some killer catchy songs as well. think KRAUT, BLITZ, THE KRAYS. (EX) PUNK (BW) / skismrocks facebook

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